Gundam Perfect Catalog Version 1.0

8.5 x 11.5"




Gundam Perfect Catalog Version 2.0

8.5 x 11.5"

580 g

148 pp.


Gundam Encyclopedia





Gundam Wing





Gundam Wing The 3D

8.5 x 11.5"

500 g

132 pp.


MS 08 Team





Gundam Weapons Nu Gundam

Gundam Weapons Gundam Ka 1.5        
Gundam Weapons Gundam MS-08 Team        
Gundam Weapons Turn A Gundam        
Gundam Weapons Gundam        

Gundam Weapons Zaku MS-06


Gundam Weapons GP-01





Gundam Weapons GP-02A





Gundam Weapons Super Gundam





Gundam Weapons Zeta Gundam





Gundam Weapons MS-06R





Gundam Weapons Gelgoog





Gundam Weapons DOM





Gundam Weapons ZZ Gundam





Gundam Virtual Modeler Pro With CD





Gundam X the 3D





Gundam Side Story The Blue Destiny





Zeta Gundam





Gundam Illustration World I ( soft cover )





Gundam Illustration World II ( hard cover )





Gundam Illustration World III ( hard cover )





NewType 100% Collection Char's Counter Attack





NewType 100% Collection Z Gundam Character Edition Vol. 1





NewType 100% Collection Z Gundam Mechanical Edition Vol. 1





NewType 100% Collection Z Gundam Mechanical Edition Vol. 2





NewType 100% Collection Gundam F91





NewType 100% Collection Gundam Wing





Gundam Sentinel





Gundam Crossover Notebook I





Gundam Crossover Notebook II





Gundam One Year War





Gundam Heroines





Gundam Mechanics I





Gundam Mechanics II





Gundam Mechanics III





Gundam Full Set





Gundam Weapons G20










All That Figure 2000        

NewType 100% Collection Neon Genesis





Evangelion in 3D





Evangelion in 3D New Edition





NewType EVA Book





EVA New Type Illustrated Collection

10.25 x 13"

950 g

124 pp.

Illustrated by Yoshiyuki Sadamoto

EVA E-MonoCollection Manual *highly recommended

8.5 x 12"

700 g

148 pp.

Includes all EVA collection items :





Models, figures, posters, cards,