0079 One Year War Action Figure

Char's Zaku-II MS-06S

Bandai has made this action figure as an extension of the HCM series. It has great articulation. The figure has 14 movable joints that make the figure fully poseable. The figure is about 4.5 inches tall, with scale slightly less than 1/144. Fully colored ! Even comes with detailed black outline. The figure set includes full set of weapons : heat hawk, machine gun, bazooka, and a mazera top cannon that has not seen before ! Also it comes with 3 open hands for holding different weapons.

As a result, you can create a lot of poses for this figure. See pictures below.

Condition : Extremely good. Everything in its original packing.

Box Size : about 5.25 x 8 x 2 inches

Weight : about 160 grams

Shipping Cost : about US$6 to USA

Image #1

Image #2