HCM Gelgoog MS-14C

This is the long lost High Complete Model Gelgoog Cannon MS-14C that first appears in 1984. Almost everything moves, including individually poseable index fingers. Molded in color. Some small parts require attachment and/or painting for perfect realism.

Includes shield, backpack unit with cannon, gun and beam naginata, a variation on a traditional Japanese long-handled sword.

About 13cm high. The back of the kit shows the marking of "made in 1984"

I found this item in a shop selling old toys. This is NOT a new kit. Decals are applied on the Gelgoog already. No card included when I got it. However, other accessories are all there inside a plastic bag as you can see in the pictures.

Condition : about C8

Box Size : about 7 x 6 x 2.75 inches

Weight : about 220 grams

Image #1

Image #2

Image #3