Patlabor #9 Ingram Special


Basically, the main body of this model kit is the same as the standard Patlabor Ingram kit. In addition, this kit includes additional parts like the head for Ingram #3, command car, two little character figures and reactive body-armor jacket. Can be built in any one of six different variations (three different heads, with or without additional armor).

Bandai's Patlabor kits feature snap-together assembly. Parts are molded in color. Includes poly-caps for smooth joint function and full poseability. Colored clear parts are included for lights and rubber joint covers with pre-formed wrinkles conceal inner joints and add realism. Transparent marking stickers included, too.


Scale : 1/60

Condition : Brand new. Everything in its original packing.

Weight : about 320 grams

Shipping Cost : about US$8 - 10 to USA